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Becoming a member is the best way to help support us as a non-profit, and so that we can continue to have amazing concerts, events, and fundraising activities at our shop. In return, you’ll receive many members-only perks such as complimentary tune-ups, CTBC swag, and tickets to private members-only events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my membership expire?

Membership is based on an annual renewal. You will be notified by email before your membership expires.

How will I know about Members-only events?

We will email you with invitations to Member-only events held throughout the year. 

How do I get my stuff?

Shirts, stickers, and other swag can be picked up at the shop. For event tickets, you will be notified by email with the details of the specific event.

What is a Safety Check?

A safety check involves going through the bike, making sure all fasteners are properly torqued, axles/quick release levers are correctly tightened, brakes are properly adjusted, tires are properly inflated, and shifters are working properly. We will let you know if we see something that needs to be serviced or replaced.

What is included in a Tune Up?

A tune up covers everything in the safety check, but also includes cleaning the bike and drivetrain, replacing grease in hubs, bottom bracket and headset if needed. Replacing damaged cables, tubes, and brake pads on non-disc bikes. Wheel truing is also included. Additional costs may apply for other parts replacements, but no additional costs for labor.

Got other questions we didn't cover?

Contact us and we'll fill you in on the details.

Membership levels and offerings subject to change without notice. All membership fees are non-refundable. Additional costs may apply for other parts replacements during a tune up, but no additional costs for labor.

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