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May 10, 2020

Success Story: Timothy

Timothy was walking 5 miles each direction to get to work to support his family.

But with a single, minimum-wage income supporting two children and himself, Timothy couldn’t afford a car to get to work, and the bus timetable didn’t align with his working hours. 

Until he found us.

We helped Timothy select a bike from among our donations that fit his tall frame. We helped him outfit his new bike with a basket so he could carry his work bag and groceries for his family. We showed him how to change a flat tire, adjust his seat, and use the brakes. And we gave him a map of the city’s safest bike routes and marked where the free bike repair stations are.

Three years later, Timothy’s never been late to work, and he’s become a regular at our shop. 

We envision a Columbia where bicycle use is safe and commonplace. Learn more about the Reliable Transportation Initiative here.

Timothy, one of our favorite regulars has been coming to our shop for over 3 years to have his bikes serviced.

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